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The Xbox One has been revealed

So, recently Microsoft announced their new console. Which is awesome, since it's the last announcement we were waiting for. First the Wii came out with the Wii-U, which has even been released... I think? I'm not really sure since I do not know anyone who bought a console, nor know of any games worth playing on it. Then Sony came with their announcement of the Playstation 4, which will be replacing the Playstation 3. Except, we will have to wait until E3, the big gaming conference, to hear any more about that. Now, it was Microsoft's turn to announce what will be replacing the Xbox 360.

I am very sorry, but it is complaining time.

The name
There are two issues I am greatly annoyed with. The first, is the name. The third Xbox will be called the Xbox One. This might sound a little harmless, but it is part of a larger annoying trend. Games in general are being rebooted multiple times without numbers behind them. Which means the name of the game is not unique, which means talking about the game becomes very annoying. And it is much easier to think about games and systems numerically, than remembering individual names. As a small protest, I will henceforth refer to it as the Xbox Three.

Backwards compatibility
Secondly, there will be no backwards compatibility. Consoles have been slowly getting rid of the ability to run older games. This is slightly unavoidable. The PC games I bought in 1995 will not work on Windows 7 or 8, because the operating system is more efficient. Old games relied on old operating software to run it. Basically, compare an old computer game with a home-made cookbook. Sometimes, it will refer to pages on other cookbooks. But now, you've gotten rid of all your cookbooks and only have an iPad with all the recipes. Much handier, but you're stuck with a reference to a page of a book you don't own any more.

But, consoles are not PCs. And their functions are different. We buy a PC to do many, many things. Therefore, there are many, many PCs that specialise in doing different things better. Ease of use and great creative software? Get a Mac. Great graphics and ease of networking? Get a PC. Want full customizability? Get Linux. Consoles only have one function: they need to be able to run their games.

I have a bookcase full of games. I need machines to run those games. Consoles are a tool I use. Can you imagine a Hammer Next Generation being released in stores, which, stated in small print, can not actually hammer in nails, but that's okay because it works super well on Nails Next Generation. That 500 dollar stash of nails you have in your garage? Just throw them out. They're inferior anyway to the Nails Next Generation. Those old nails can only hold two boards together for 50 years, before they rust. But, Nails Next Generation can hold boards together for 55 years! Totally worth getting your whole inventory replaced.

Now, I compare games with nails, but that is not fair. Games are more like movies, or books. They are each individual creations that cannot be replaced. In that sense, I often think about how we have gone from VCR to DVD. The old movies have been upgraded and are stored on a disk that shows it to you with the same quality the first time you watch it and the twentieth time you watch it. We did not need a VCR player any more because we were very glad to buy all our favourite movies on DVD. And, just like you can enjoy the movie Snow White 60 years after it was created, I can still easily like the games that were created 10 years ago. Some of my favourite games are on the Playstation 2.

In short, like Yahtzee recently discussed, if I get an Xbox Three of a Playstation 4 I am not upgrading. It is an extra machine that I have to put next to my television, because I cannot get rid of the old one. And for the next generation of consoles, that means it is not only competing with other new generation consoles, but also with the previous generation. So, until Xbox Three has a library of 952 games, I'll just stick with the console that I already have.




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